Stovetop Seasoning Method

Stovetop Seasoning Method

i. Apply a light sheen of vegetable oil to your Smithey's surface with a paper towel.

ii. Bring to scorching temperature until the oil begins to smoke (Turn on fan).

iii. Rub light sheen of oil onto smoking pan with paper towel.

iv. Skillet will turn dark color. Turn the heat off and allow to cool down.

Quick Tips

  • - Light and even layers build better seasoning.

  • - A mature coat of seasoning comes from frequent use over time


First Dish

Ground beef & caramelized onions is our favorite dish for building seasoning. The oils from the protein mix with the sugars from the onions to form a nice seasoned base for good things to come.

What is seasoning?

Seasoning is a thin layer of oil, that when heated to an appropriate temperature, cures over the surface of your cast iron cookware. Like a layer of paint over your house, seasoning protects cast iron from exposure to air & moisture. In addition to protecting the surface, seasoning helps to establish and enhance a non-stick surface.

Is my Smithey pre-seasoned?

Yes. Your Smithey is pre-seasoned with several thin layers of organic grapeseed oil after it is finished in our shop. This layer of seasoning protects the skillet before it arrives in your kitchen.

What oil do you use to season your skillets?

We use a kosher organic grapeseed oil to season our skillets. However, any off-the-shelf vegetable oil or shortening will do just fine as a seasoning oil. In our home kitchens, we grab whatever oil is handy...

Can I season in the oven?

Yes - simply apply a light sheen of oil to the entire skillet and bake in your oven for 1 hour at 450 degrees. We do however, find that the stovetop method we feature above is quicker and more effective.

Seasoning coming off?

Acidic dishes and bacon have a tendency to strip seasoning on a pan without a mature coat of seasoning. No need to be alarmed if some seasoning strips off. Follow the steps for the stovetop seasoning method (see above) and your Smithey will be back in shape in 10 minutes.